Sunday, June 7, 2009


I was not alone in Valencia in 2006, my daughter was with me too. She is big tennis fan of David Ferrer and Juan Carlos Ferrero, but she is also playing tennis. And then we decided to go to Valencia tennis tournament, she said that she want to buy a nice memento for David Ferrer. I was thinking she will buy him some lucky charm, so i was shocked then she brought home s teddy bear. But not a little one …….
So, the teddy bear was travelling with us to Valencia too – in a big rucksack and we were all waiting to find some way to deliver him to David. When we came on tennis place we just did one circle around all tennis courts. And in the corner – look – where was David practising. In the minute we were sticked at the fence. We admired him for a while and my daughter decide to change her shirt in the closet nearby . She brought one special shirt – red one with inscription : VAMOS FERRER AND FERRERO and she wanted to wear it at David´s match that was coming in a half an hour. And just as she went to closet – David decide to quit his practise. Minutes were running too fast, David was packing things …. and my daughter where she was- nowhere near. David came out of the court with his coach, smiled to fans near the fence, give some autographs and went away. My daughter still didn´t come back from closet. So I went there, and after few more minutes she finally came out – almost crying. The lock in the closet was broken-down, so she could not come out.
I gave her some support when she discovered that David gone away and said that this is not problem. She will give David teddy bear at the end of his match or some other day at pactice………..

Saturday, May 30, 2009

MEMORIES - VALENCIA 2006 - 3.part

I missed first round matches on monday because of the problems on Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. But on the tuesday morning I was ready to start my advanture at Valencia Communidad Open 2006. At breakfast (good one) in our hotel, we made last planes how to get to courts. In my opinion we have enough time, so we decided to walk truth the old Turia riverbed. That was a good decision.

At first I was shocked how many people were in the park – some were walking, some cycling, some were alone, others with children, partners, friends. Some were dressed in sport's clothes, other all in business style.

At our way to tennis courts we were walking by the City of Arts and Sciences, the Guliver Park, Palau de la Musica, and beside many bridges on our way too. At Calatrava Bridge we turn right, go beside Jardines del Real (Royal Gardens) and there we were. TENNIS COURTS , YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Like I wrote before I decided to come to Valencia because of the tennis tournament, that take place in that beautiful city – THE OPEN DE TENIS COMMUNIDAD VALENCIA 2006 from 10 th april to 17 th april 2006. I think I am a good tennis fan (I don't run after tennis players – at least not too much, hehe). I like tennis very much, but I admit I am a little bit lazy, so I do not play it, but I really like to watch tennis matches expecially alive with other fans.

I am living in Ljubljana, in Slovenia, a little country in the heart of Europe. We don't have big men tennis names(yet), our tennis players are usually playing in futures or challengers. I like spanish tennis players a lot, expecially David Ferrer, Juan Carlos Ferrero, Carlos Moya, Fernando Verdasco, so I usually cheering for them. Also I »borrowed« some good players from our's former republics of Yugoslavia – I like Novak Djokovič, who played many times in Slovenia in his »younger« years, Ivan Ljubičič and Mario Ančič.

The draws at Valencia communidad open 2006 I liked a lot – of course there was a army of Spanish tennis players – well known, and others that I didn't knew before, beside that there were some other good clay tennis players. JUAN CARLOS FERRERO, DAVID FERRER, FERNANDO VERDASCO, NICOLAS ALMAGRO, FELICIANO LOPEZ, MARAT SAFIN, NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO, GILLES SIMON, IGOR ANDREEV, POTITO STARACE, GASTON GAUDIO, PHILIPPO VOLANDRI………. That was the promise for good tennis matches. I bought a week ticket for the tournament, and was ready to GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Monday, May 25, 2009


Yes, nice memories………..In the beggining of 2006 I started planning my trip to Valencia. That was my first visit to Spain, so I fell more comfortable to travel with a agency. At the end all arangements were done, so on 10 th April my journey began.

Not very good at the beginnnig – because of general strike in France, I lost my plane connection from Pariz to Valencia and came to Valencia twelve hours later as planned – at midnight. But then a taxi driver on the way to my hotel drove me nearby a truly beautiful area of gardens in the old Turia riverbed and the final section of the dried-up bed of the River Turia near Valencia's main attraction: the City of Arts and Sciences. This enormous leisure complex covers the arts, the sciences and wildlife and extends over several spectacular buildings and a wide expanse of gardens and water features. In the moment I completly forgot about all problems on the way to Valencia. The night wiew at L'Hemisferic, prince Felipe Museum of the Sciences, L'Umbracle, the Palace of the Arts and L'Oceanografic, was really fantastic and unforgetible.

Finally I came to my hotel – AC Valencia - and I was so happy, because I realized that the hotel is only few minutes from the City of Arts and Sciences. So in the morning I could discover more about that part of Valencia.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


This is the blog about one of the most beautiful cities, with nice beaches, mediteranian sun and sea, with many parks and gardens, incredible City of Arts and Sciences....

In just few years Valencia became city known as city of big sport events- just remember: 32nd America's Cup, Valencia C.F. and Levante F.C. with well known Mestalla football field, Motorcycling sports also Formula One - European Grand Prix and for me the most important - tennis tournament - El Valencia Open 500,which will take place in November 2009.

And tennis tournament - Open Comunidad Valenciana brought me in Valencia few years ago......